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Tania’s versions of the Irish Brown Bread

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I’ve made this delicious and easy to make soda bread a couple of times since Vilma posted the recipe. I could not avoid altering the ingredients according to what I had in my cupboard at the time and also I knew I wanted to add some crunchy seeds anyway.

First successful bake: using a random amount of hemp seeds, wheat bran and strong flour instead of extra coarse wholemeal flour and using a mixture of milk, buttermilk and yoghurt to make up the 290ml of liquid required. I did not note down the exact amount of the ‘new’ ingredients, but remembered to keep the proportions mentioned in the original recipe.

Second successful bake: replacing the 113g of extra coarse wholemeal flour by 5g hemp seeds, 5g linseeds, 5g wheat bran, 98g strong flour and adding 1 tbsp treacle which gave a nice brown colour to my bread but also made it a tiny bit sweet. The picture talks by itself!

Have anyone tried other variations of this recipe? Please share your results with all of us!

Irish brown bread
Irish brown bread