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Flying pans and pancakes!

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Well, I never thought Saimir would take some of what we discuss about food on board, but he did. One day last week he wanted to know what he could have for his dinner so I suggested savoury pancakes with some filling. He said he had all the ingredients to make the pancakes and would like to use his new frying pan. So I gave him some options as to the filling and he said he could get some onions, peppers and cheese. Back he came the next day and boy oh boy. Here was this young lad with puffed out chest and heels rising off the carpet, proudly announcing that he had made the most delicious pancakes he had ever eaten.

So, I thought I could share this for all those hungry students out there as this is very simple and easy to make. The ingredients are as in my previous blog for pancakes made by Yeliz and Suzy but without the sugar. He sautéed the onions and peppers in a little bit of butter and said he added some dried parsley and oregano, salt and pepper to taste. He only made 5 pancakes but he said the 2 first ones did not even hit the plate but went straight down his gullet. Greed satisfied to some degree, he then layered the onion and pepper mixture onto the pancakes in layers with some sliced cheddar cheese.

We are so glad that we have set him well on the path to cook for himself with his flying or is it frying ceramic pan.

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Pancake Tuesday on a Wednesday

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This morning at work, Suzy asked Yeliz if she had made any pancakes yesterday as it was pancake Tuesday. In the Christian calendar this is the last day of indulgence before the ritual fasting associated with Lent. Historically it was the last day to use and eat “rich” foods like eggs, milk and sugar and pancakes were the most convenient way to use up these ingredients. A last fling before the long fast.of Lent.
Overhearing this conversation was Saimir who had never eaten a freshly made pancake and asked if they could make some during their lunch break. Now, this is a GP surgery, and the kitchen is not kitted out to cook food, but just to heat things up. Both Yeliz and Suzy were still up for it and by then word got round and expectations were running high. But, we did not have a frying pan but luckily across the road is Roneford, the catering supply company, and Saimir very generously bought a nice ceramic frying pan that he said the girls could borrow to make the pancakes.

Rough approximations and fed 16 people with 1 pancake each, well 3 greedy ones had 2 each.

  • 3 cups plain flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 desert spoons sugar
  • 4 ½ cups milk
  • Butter for cooking (a small knob each time)
  • Lemons

Three lots were made as we did not have any mixing bowls, just small soup bowls and a small saucepan. Both were used to mix the ingredients. Roughly one cup of flour to 1 egg and a cup and a half of milk and 1 desert spoon of sugar were used each time round and mixed and gently hand whisked with a fork for around 5-8 minutes. We do not have a whisk. At one time Suzy had flour in the bowl and then added the egg and milk and gradually blended them together until smooth and at the other time she beat the egg and milk together and then added the flour. Yeliz and Saimir did the cooking and served the pancakes with a twist of lemon juice sprinkled over with sugar and they were delicious.

We could have done with more but then time is limited and an hour does not last forever.