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Scientific name – Pistacia vera

Different cultivars of Pistachio with the larger Californian at the top, the rounder Iranian at the centre and the narrower and longer Turkish variety at the bottom. Some varieties crack open more freely than others and the taste varies also.

The flavour and nutritional value of pistachios can vary widely and depend on the variety in question. The Turkish and I ranian varieties are considered among the best, while some of the American varieties are much larger, easier to crack open but less falvourful. The inside of the nut varies from yellowish through to green. In general the deeper the shade of green, the more the nuts are valued.
Pistachios are eaten raw or roasted and salted as a delicious snack. They are included in desserts, ice creams, confectionery, nougat, cakes, biscuits and pastries. They are an essential ingredient in many Mediterranean and Italian dishes including lamb, poultry, cheese and rice dishes.