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Poppy seeds

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Scientific name – Papaver somniferum

Commonly found in both a white or black form, the black is the most well known in the West, used on cakes and breads, while the white is more widely used in Asian cooking.

Poppy seeds can be blue (European, usually described as black) or White (Asian). The black variety looks good sprinkled over cakes and breads, adding a pleasant crunch and flavour. Black poppy seeds. Can also be used to make delicious cakes and tea-breads and they are used in German and eastern European pastries, strudels and tarts. Turkish cuisine uses toasted poppy seeds, and they can also be used in salad dressings leaders to vegetables. Asian white poppy seeds by contrast are ground and used to thicken curries, adding a nutty flavour. Poppy seeds are used in the preparation of poppy seed oil which has many uses in cookery as well as being used in paints, varnishes and soaps.